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Resilience training


Resilience is our bodies’ natural capacity to bounce back from difficulty. It takes a few minutes to learn to regulate our nervous system, and short resilience practices aimed at calming the nervous system, have been found to be very beneficial in managing stress and the uncertainty we face. Practising resilience skills also helps us in the long run to cultivate a sense of stability and clarity in terms of work and home life.

This training course is based on qualitative evidence-based neuroscience research. It explains how the brain and nervous system works and how one can regulate one's body and mind in daily life. Participants are taught to do short practices to regulate the nervous system and gain emotional stability. These resilience practices also builds our mindfulness muscle, and many people who have done this training then follow up with the mindfulness course, as a long-term method to sustain resilience. This course has been offered throughout the pandemic in 2020 and has been very well received by people from all walks of life, including the medics and front-line workers in hospitals who are struggling with severe stress and trauma.

Join us for this eight-week resilience training course offered remotely.

When and where?

This course is not currently scheduled.

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Course outline

The course is focused on short one-minute practices that regulate the nervous system - these can be done daily anywhere and are therefore very applicable to working life and daily life.

The course is designed over thirty-minute sessions to prevent online fatigue, and its is a pre-requisite that everyone turns on their video screen during the sessions. Leading neuroscience shows that shows that the social brain is needed for deep integrative learning, and this only happens when we look at each other and feel connected to each other. When we hide behind our screens, we become distracted and disconnected from the people and the skills we are practising. When we connect visually online, it helps us to share and feel more supported and less lonely and isolated.

Is this course for you?

  • Listen to a podcast in which the course presenter, Jenny Canau, runs through some mindfulness exercises to help build resilience.


Jenny Canau is an internationally-accredited facilitator working to pioneer compassion and mindfulness in the education and public sector. She is passionate about helping to restore a sense of dignity and promoting our natural capacity for compassion. She has worked with various teacher organizations, trade unions, non-profit organizations, universities and schools. Jenny has a background in human rights law and is motivated to promote impartiality and social justice. She is currently working on designing curriculum to promote human dignity and common humanity for magistrates and judges in Southern Africa. Jenny is the co-founder and director of Mindfulness Africa, and currently serving on the Board of the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative. Jenny has received accreditation as a facilitator from the Mindfulness Association (UK), Mindful Schools (US), the Centre for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics (Life University, US) and currently with the Applied Compassion Academy and the Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (Stanford University, US).

How much?

R695 per person

How to sign up

Complete and submit the registration form. You will then be given the payment information. Please note that registrations will not be accepted until payment has been made.

One or two days before the first session, we will send you the Zoom link. You will need to register and use a password to enter the webinar.

Registrations close three days before the webinar.

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