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Resilience training


Resilience is our natural capacity to bounce back from difficulty. It takes a few minutes to learn to regulate our nervous system, and short resilience practices aimed at calming the nervous system have been found to be very beneficial in managing stress and the uncertainty we face. Practising resilience skills also helps us in the long run to manage difficulties and cultivate a sense of stability and clarity in terms of work and home life.

This eight-week resilience course is based on neuroscience and explains how the brain and nervous system works and how one can regulate one's mind and body in daily life. It offers short practices to help regulate difficult emotions and build flexible mental responses to work and life stressors.


8 October to 26 November 2020 (Thursday afternoons, 12:00 to 12:30 OR 13:00 to 13:30)

Please note that there are two timeslots available. Please indicate whether you would like to sign up for the 12:00 or 13:00 timeslot.


Jenny Canau, BA (Wits) LLB (Wits) LLM (Rau), is a former attorney and law lecturer having specialised in the area of human rights law. She is currently Chairperson and Director of Mindfulness Africa, an association of mindfulness practioners founded and developed by international meditation teacher Rob Nairn. Jenny has 20 years experience in the field of mindfulness and has been offering mindfulness courses to professional working people, parents, teenagers and young children. Jenny is pioneering mindfulness training with educators and offers teacher training through Naptosa to teachers and HOD's, as part of their professional development. Jenny works with several NGO's in providing mindfulness training to matric students in the Cape Flats area. Jenny is currently pioneering the development of mindfulness training for aspirant judges and magistrates with the South African Education Institute (SAJEI).

How much?

R500 per person

How to sign up

Download and complete the registration form, and return it to us. We will then send you the payment information.
One or two days before the course, we will send you the link to the Zoom webinar. You will need to register and use a password to enter the webinar.

Registrations close three days before the webinar.

Download the brochure.