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Course overview



Please note that course details may be updated throughout the year. Please check back frequently or join our mailing list to stay up to date. If you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

Customised courses: UCT Law@Work can customise any of our existing training courses for groups of 15 or more. These courses can be presented on your premises, customised to suit your specific requirements. Please contact Irèna Wasserfall with the details of the required training.

All courses are presented in Cape Town, unless otherwise stated.


27 March Cybercrime and information security law NOW A ZOOM WEBINAR!
17 April POPIA Skills Series #1: POPIA for lawyers: Grappling with new legal principles NOW A ZOOM WEBINAR!
20 to 21 April (webinar)
22 to 25 June (contact session)
Medical negligence and health sector mediation (contact sessions at Nelson's Creek Wine Estate, Paarl)
24 April The National Credit Act Update NOW A ZOOM WEBINAR!
24 to 25 April (webinar)
29 June to 2 July(contact session)
Mediation for advocates and attorneys (contact sessions at Nelson's Creek Wine Estate, Paarl)
8 May POPIA Skills Series #2: Developing a compliance framework and POPIA policies NOW A ZOOM WEBINAR!
9 and 30 May SAMLA Workshop 7: Expert report writing
20 to 21 May Public participation for environmental governance NOW A ZOOM WEBINAR!
29 May Legal and regulatory technology: Are you ready for it? NOW A ZOOM WEBINAR!
5 June POPIA Skills Series #3: Personal information assessments NOW A ZOOM WEBINAR!
6 June and 1 Aug SAMLA workshop 8: The structure and functioning of the judicial system: curatorship, trust and case management post-trial
15 to 19 June Commercial and court-aligned mediation
17 to 19 June Legislative drafting
22 to 23 June Corporate social responsibility
22 to 23 June Effective legal writing
3 July POPIA Skills Series #4: Information security and data breach management
6 to 7 July Data protection and research data management (presented in Gauteng)
6 to 7 July Money laundering
8 to 9 July Tracing of assets
9 to 10 July Data protection and research data management
July to November Advanced legislative drafting
27 July to 7 August A preparation course for the international CFE exam
August to December Labour law in SA: Practice and procedure
4 to 6 August The lawyer of the future
5 Aug to 30 Sept Mindfulness training
12 Aug to 11 Nov Life and disability claims: Legal and practical management
13 to 14 August Asset misappropriation schemes
17 Aug to 3 Sept Chinese law and investments in Africa
19 to 21 August Corporate governance - practical insights (presented in Johannesburg)
22 Aug and 12 Sept SAMLA workshop 9: Expert joint minutes
24 to 28 August Commercial and court-aligned mediation
17 to 18 September Corporate governance and compliance for the public sector
29 to 30 September Fraud 101
  Legaltech Venture Day: Apply for the Startup Competition!
5 to 9 October Medical negligence and health sector mediation (at Nelson's Creek Wine Estate, Paarl)
9 October CISCA and hedge fund regulations
17 Oct, 7 Nov and 21 Nov SAMLA workshop 10: Trial procedures and trials - CP case
28 to 30 October Corporate governance - practical insights
4 to 5 November Contract and procurement fraud
9 to 10 November How to testify as an expert witness
16 to 20 November Legal information systems - development and management
23 to 27 November Commercial and court-aligned mediation



Registrations open Software law
Coming soon Muslim marriage contracts
Coming soon Workplace restructuring