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Legal technology: start-ups and innovation


"Legal technology" essentially means the use of technology and software to provide and aid legal services. Legaltech presents an opportunity for the legal profession to try and improve their overall efficiency and to adapt to a more agile working environment and in doing so reduce costs and increase access to justice.

This webinar course will give a broad overview of the subject, covering topics such as: the difference between law tech, law of tech and legaltech; the South African & African legaltech landscape; technologies disrupting the legal industry; and what the key steps are for building your own legaltech startup or legaltech tools for your firm.

Join us for a eight-hour webinar course, held over four days.


This course has not been scheduled for this year.

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Course outline

Topics to be covered include:

  • The difference between law tech, law of tech and legaltech
  • The South African & African legaltech landscape
  • Legaltech stakeholders
  • Technologies disrupting the legal industry
  • Categories of legaltech and how you can leverage off it
  • Understanding the startup world and how startups can be the drivers in legaltech and legal innovation
  • How to understand law firm business models and improve them with legaltech and innovation
  • What the benefits of legaltech are
  • What the challenges of legaltech and how to overcome them
  • What the key steps are for building your own legal tech startup or legaltech tools for your firm

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Young lawyers
  • Solo law firm owners / solopreneurs
  • Lawyers who want to improve their business models or build new ways of doing law
  • Lawyers who want to understand legaltech and innovation in general


Leah Molatseli is the co-founder and CEO of Lenoma Legal, a virtual legaltech startup. As a legal technology and innovation specialist she enjoys the intersection of law and tech and seeing how it can help move the industry forward. A notable writer, she writes extensively on topical legal technology and innovation.

How much?



A certificate of participation from UCT will be issued to those who attend all three sessions of the course. Please note that certificates can only be issued after the lockdown has ended.