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Legal and regulatory technology: Are you ready for it?


Hardly a day goes by that there isn't an article declaring that lawyers are being (partially) replaced by some magical technology.

The level of hype is not surprising – investment in legal and regulatory technologies grew by 713% in 2018. So, how much attention should you be paying to legal technology? Will it really revolutionise how law firms and in-house legal teams function? Worse (or better) yet, will it be replacing lawyers? How can lawyers remain relevant? What is the future of lawyer jokes?

Join us for a six-hour webinar course, held over three days, in which we will explore these questions.


This course has not been scheduled for this year.

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Course outline

During this course we will talk about:

  • What tech is out there and what is coming
  • What it means for the future of lawyers in firms and in-house teams
  • What lawyers should be doing to ensure that they have a job in the 4IR
  • What it takes to successfully implement legaltech
  • How to develop a business case
  • How to get the most out of the investment
  • How to get people to use new technologies

Who will benefit from this course?

This course will benefit:

  • Attorneys
  • Law firms
  • General counsel
  • In-house teams
  • Knowledge managers
  • Information technology specialists at law firms
  • Legal project managers
  • Change managers
  • Lawyer robots


Elizabeth de Stadler is the founding director of Novation Consulting. She is a rehabilitated attorney specialising in compliance and risk management strategy, plain language drafting and privacy law. She believes that compliance is an integral part of doing ethical business - not just a box to tick. Compliance can change minds, increase sales and add value. Novation turns compliance on its head, shakes the nonsense out of its pockets and presents it in a fresh and exciting way. It helps businesses to do things right and grow their business by thinking more like entrepreneurs and less like lawyers.

Rico Burnett is passionate about bringing people, ideas and technology together. He creates opportunities for innovation to take root and thrive in corporate environments. Rico trained as a technology and intellectual property lawyer at two of the largest law firms in South Africa ... but he has become a lot more interesting since then. He is currently the global director of client innovation at Exigent Group Limited, a leading alternative legal services firm. He is also the director of investments at a new legal tech investment fund called Bright Minds Capital Partners. As an advocate for best practice in contract, data and risk management, Rico believes in building legal solutions that work.

How much?



A certificate of participation from UCT will be issued to those who attend all three sessions of the course. Please note that certificates can only be issued after the lockdown has ended.